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FAQS - Exhibitors

  • How many people usually attend the expo?

We expect 2,000+ people to the expo over both days. The expo is free entry for everyone and all attendees will be registered upon entry to collect accurate attendance figures. 

  • What type of organisations will be exhibiting?

-       Disability Service Providers

-       Disability Product Vendors

-       Health & Medical

-       Automotive/Transport Vendors

-       Government Agencies/Ombudsman

-       Charities / Advocacy Groups

-       To see the full list of exhibitors – click here

  • What type of people attend?

Primarily people with disabilities, their carer’s, their families and people involved or working within the disability sector.

  • What regions will you be promoting the event to?

All local council regions within the Gold Coast & The Hinterland & as far as Brisbane online. 

  • Where can I see a venue floor plan map?

The most recent floor plan is now viewable on the website, click here

  • How do I know what booths are available?

Contact the expo team on 02 9025 9392 or email gcde@4community.com

  • How do booth allocations work?
Allocations are carried out in groups by the order of booking date, permitting your booth is fully paid for by the due date. You will be contacted by the expo team & sent a copy of the floor plan with availability so you can freely choose which booth you would like. Allocations will begin during the end of March. 

  • Will there be demonstrations/presentations on stage?

Yes, these spots will be reserved and booked for Sponsors and Government Agencies such as the NDIS

  • What else will be on the stage schedule?

An Opening Ceremony including council members, local leaders/elders, a disability Ambassador, followed by live performances from Disability Groups

  • What does my booth include?

Click here to view the list of exhibitor inclusions

  • What does my Sponsorship include?

Click here for more information about sponsor packages and inclusions or call 02 9025 9392 to find out what is available 

  • Do I need to exhibit both days?

Yes, all bookings include both days and your booth must be occupied from 9am-3pm across both days of the event

  • What day do we setup our booth?

Thursday 2nd August or Friday morning the 4th August before 8am, management will contact all exhibitors prior to the expo so you can book in your bump-in time. 

  • Can we drop deliveries off at the venue?

Yes, please contact management on 02 9025 9392 for date availability and prior approval

  • Can I hand out flyers throughout the venue?

No, flyers and merchandise can only be distributed directly from your booth. We also have Show Bag inserts available at an additional cost and subject to availability, click here to book

  • Can we serve food samples or confectionary items?

Food cannot be sold at your booth, if you wish to distribute free samples or confectionary items, approval must be sought through the venue - details TBA. 

  • Will there be food & beverages provided?

Water and coffee/tea vouchers will be provided to each exhibitor booth, food is available at cost from the outside food trucks or you can bring your own. 

  • Where do I park?

Exhibitors will have a reserved section in the car on both days, free of charge, please follow the signage. 

  • How can we best brand & setup our booth?

We highly recommend you contact management for more info about how you can be best prepared, branded and what Exponet packages are available to help make your booth stand out and attract attendees. Please call 02 9025 9392 for more info or keep an eye out for the Exhibitor update emails.